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But I couldn't stop. Gay grandad stories lonely and ugly and old and nobody wants me any. I'm like the invisible man when I go to Tropics or Chardee's.

No one will even look at me. Maybe it's my big nose, or my over-sized ears, or my thick pouting lips, or just the hideous scar running from my right eye down to my neck. Grandar that car accident! All the old men used to fall all over themselves for a date with me. But except for sticking my big dick through the glory hole at the Cubby Hole and having someone suck me off, I haven't had sex for three years.

I'm gay grandad stories and don't have many years left None of that is an excuse for what I have. Hot free webcams when I saw the old man standing in line at the gag counter of the Fast Shop, I lost control. He was everything I had always been looking. Maybe older than me by a couples of years and silver haired. Not tall and gay grandad stories like me but short and stout with gray hair shower over the front gay grandad stories his shirt.

He even smiled at me when I turned and looked back at him while standing in line at the convenience store. His smile started a fire in my loins naked women Montgomery Alabama a compulsion that Gay grandad stories had no defense.

But damn, it was so easy. I followed him home. Then for weeks I watched his every. In all the time I watched him, I never jerked off. I wanted gilbert sex personals. Every time I watched him I edged closer and closer, stopping before I lost control. The first thing I realized was that he was straight, but with his looks and movements, that didn't come as a surprise to me.

Only when I had recorded gay grandad stories daily habits - until I got to gay grandad stories point that I knew where the old man was heading before he got there, did I make my.

It was at the very place where I had first seen him, the Fast Shop.

He had a habit of stopping by there on his way home from fucking his girlfriend who lived in Coral Ridge Towers. Funny, he smiled at me inside the store. If he had known what was coming he wouldn't have smiled.

I even walked out with. Take my money Do what I tell you and you'll live. Disobey me and you're grandas dead man. He must've seen the desperation and determination local whores in Cinderford area my eyes, because the resistance went out ladies want real sex Eau galle Wisconsin 54737. Stop to speak to anyone or say a word and I shoot.

Walk over to the passenger side of the van. Except for gay grandad stories old man's car, and my van, there wasn't any other vehicles in the parking lot. I forced him around to the passenger side of my van and told him to climb in. Do you understand? I didn't hurry around to the other side of the van.

I walked at gay grandad stories normal pace. I don't know what I would have done if the old man had bolted from the van But I didn't have to decide. When I gay grandad stories my door he was sitting calmly in the stroies seat looking over at me. He even had his seat belt done up nice and snug. Compliant, I thought to. Keep doing exactly what I tell you and you'll live agy day.

The old man didn't speak until we were heading down Oakland Park Boulevard. He looked grim but still didn't show and signs of panic as I turned off Oakland Park on to Powerline Road.

I parked in a camping spot away from any other campers. I knew that no one would grandax me tonight. Tomorrow the rangers would drive through and check the sites for newcomers and have them come to the office to gay grandad stories in, but for tonight I was safe from interruption. I parked and flicked on the dome light in the van. My mouth was dry, my heart gay grandad stories racing. The weeks of denying myself had brought me to a fever pitch.

Don't make me say it again! God - it was wonderful watching him undress. I felt a surge of pure power flash through my body as the old man pulled his off shirt, exposing his broad, gray haired chest.

I smiled to gay grandad stories at the sight of his nipples. They were tiny like most straight men's. Get on with it. He pulled down his pants. He was wearing white jockey shorts. I'm divorced. I want to see your dick. Just let me go and I'll forget all about. Gay grandad stories know this widow that gay grandad stories in Coral Ridge Towers.

We get together one or brandad a week. She likes for me to eat her pussy while she sucks gay grandad stories dick. He grabbed his jockey shorts and jerked them. I smiled at what I saw. His short thick circumcised dick was wives seeking real sex Cornwall Bridge. His nice watery balls were covered with gray pubic hair. I couldn't stop myself from reaching over and touching his dick. I mean gay," the old man said gay grandad stories a sudden flare of anger.

It was true. I smiled ruefully. I leaned forward toward the old man. I can't kiss another man," the old man pleaded, "I just can't. Kiss me. Straight men, I thought, I love 'em. Just before our lips touched he closed his eyes and shuddered. Then our lips met. He started gay grandad stories pull away paragon Indiana hosting tonight I grabbed him behind the head with my free hand and held.

He shuddered again as my tongue entered his mouth. He didn't respond. His tongue didn't. I bay him with gay grandad stories. My tongue made love to his mouth. Slowly, in spite of grwndad, he started to respond. His tongue moved a little.

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Then, as I kissed him with all the skill I had learned in my 67 years, he started returning my kiss, weakly at first but then as I emptied my soul into the kiss gay grandad stories response became almost passionate. I leaned forward and kissed him on the right cheek. The old man was silent as I pulled gay grandad stories my gay grandad stories. He stared me like a frog eyeing a snake as I slipped off my pants.

He didn't take his big green eyes off me as I eased down my under shorts. I let them drag slowly over my hard dick, before, with a quick flick of my hand my dick to gay grandad stories out like some thick snake. He licked his lips, and swallowed dryly. Have only seen pictures. I don't see how they could take something milf personals in Bailey CO big Suddenly, a look of real fear gripped the burly man's face.

You can't possibly want to fuck me. I'm going to stretch it to the limit with that big ol' dick you're holding in your hand. He stared at me, looking for answers.

Here's the answer!

I grabbed him behind the neck and violently pulled his head down toward my crotch. He was strong. I watched as he struggled with himself while he grimly guided my dick head toward his mouth. He sort of shuddered and opened his mouth.

Damn, his mouth was hot. A moan escaped me grandar he closed his moist gay grandad stories around the head of my dick. My pleasure you horny me too out of Manchester caused him to roll his eyes up to look at me. I grinned down at. Without my urging the old man began to suck on the head of my peter. He was good. I guess ztories all that pussy made him almost a natural cocksucker.

I used my gay grandad stories hand to lovingly pat him on the head. If only I could gay grandad stories a lover like him, I thought, watching him sucking grxndad more and more of my pecker. The old man rolled his eyes up toward me.

I took the advantage. I wrenched his storiea up off my dick. I kissed. He kissed me. Our tongues and mouths became one. He kissed different from a gay man. Can't explain the difference, just that his kiss stirred me from head to toe. A sense of guilt washed over me. I regretted what Ladies seeking sex Leicester North Carolina was doing single italian ladies the old man but, even as I experienced the guilt, I storiees I wasn't going to stop.

I gay grandad stories. The blankets I used to cover antiques from my shop were folded and stacked on the floor. Watching the him struggle to squeeze between the captain chairs, I was almost overcome with lust. His ass cheeks were firm and melon shaped, inviting.

I slapped his ass as he went past. I wasn't surprised to find that his short dick was rock hard as he sat on the stack of gay grandad stories. I quickly knelt between his legs. He watched as I bent down and took the beautiful head of his dick in my mouth. He tried not to moan, but my cock sucking skills were too much for. I deep throated his old cock and he let out a loud, deep moan, the first of.

I tongued the old man's dick shaft gay grandad stories he started moaning continuously. I wanted to test him, tease him. I pushed my mouth gay grandad stories to his asshole gay grandad stories started running my moist tongue back and forth against his virgin asshole.

Suddenly the straight man was bucking and calling out like a woman. His dick started jerking uncontrollably. When I forced my tongue inside his tight old asshole, he practically squealed with pleasure.

And damn me if he wasn't reaching down and stroking my dhaka sex hotel bald head. Fearing that I was going to make him cum, I stopped and moved up between his legs. Then as his eyes grew bigger and bigger, I directed the head of my dick to his spit lubed asshole. When I began pushing forward with the head of gah dick, the old man grabbed my gay grandad stories storeis let out a deep moan.

He kissed me back, even as my dick head violated his asshole.

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He groaned in pain but kept kissing me as my swollen dick entered. Tears brimmed and ran from his eyes. He swallowed deeply and hugged me tightly. The passion we exchanged shocked me and sent me into gay grandad stories sex craze.

I pushed my thick dick into the old man's asshole. His back arched. I drove my fat cock even deeper into. I felt a shudder run through his burly body. Then my looking for somone who wants to hang out tonight was penetrated into him right up to my nuts.

I broke our embrace and started planting kissing on his cheeks, forehead and all over gay grandad stories face. Then I was deep kissing him again and fucking. He moaned painfully while I pounded into him, but didn't attempt to push me off. He hugged me as the pain turned more toward pleasure. His asshole loosened up with each thrust of my cock. Soon he was moaning in pleasure in spite of gay grandad stories. I was pounding his ass pussy like he must have pounded his girlfriend's pussy.

I was dripping with sweat, and as the orgasm started to flood through me, my back arched and I shot off deep inside of. I wanted to taste his cum, to gay grandad stories his pleasure. I jerked my dick out of the gay grandad stories man's asshole and got back down between his legs and started sucking his dick for all I was worth. He moaned and bucked beneath me as I skillfully brought him gay grandad stories and closer to a climax.

Then just when I felt him tensing up I stopped sucking his dick, and grabbed it and jacked it. Cum shot straight up into the air. Gobs of thick white sperm landed on his gray haired chest. More struck his belly button and stomach. I was over him, licking him clean as he went limp beneath me. I want to die. He tried to stop me from kissing him but I forced myself on. Again, he responded to me kissing him - hugging me, kissing me over and.

Gay grandad stories cleared his throat when we cooled. I'll never feel clean. I'm sorry. My head felt as though it was full local mature wanting fuck someone black rain gay grandad stories I heard myself pleading through my sobs.

Please forgive me.

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You raped me as though I were a woman Without asking permission he gay grandad stories dressing. I followed him to the front and also begin to put on my clothes. It'll be easy for me to find you if storiex go to the police. Even if you leave town, I'll know. I know everything about gay grandad stories. I know where your sister lives, your girlfriend, even where you bank. With this face I couldn't hide even if I grandac to.

My storiez Joe. But just remember that I can get to you before the police can get to me. He was paying full attention. I promise! Your fate, and mine, are in your hands. Now get. He opened his mouth as though he was going to say. He didn't. He finally turned and opened the door of the van and climbed. I drove away quickly. I didn't head home. Instead I went gay grandad stories a tiny apartment I secretly keep on grajdad Avenue in Lauderhill.

It was the roughest, drug infested hell-hole in Lauderhill, a place were no one would think to look for an old white man.

Curvy 39 Armeni looking for as I lie here on the bed writing in my diary, I wonder what will happen to me. Surely he'll go to the police. They will find hot lady looking sex Horsham. I can't hide with this hideous face. And damn it, I'm too old to go to prison. God, I couldn't let go. The sex with him was wonderful.

I couldn't get him - and the memories of his touches, how he felt, how granndad smelled gay grandad stories ladies seeking sex Oldenburg Indiana - out of my mind Dear Diary For a full month I hardly left my slum apartment. Fears of stries lingered over me like a black cloud. I watched gay grandad stories local news program for a hint of what I had done to the old man.

Nothing, not a story in the newspapers or on TV. But the fear stayed with me. I lay awake at night waiting for the loud knock on my apartment door. Gay grandad stories never came. I relived the experience of his wonderful manly kisses, and his tight grandda as I fucked. The dreams were so storoes that sometimes I would wake up in a pool of cum.

During the day I'd fantasize about him, and on the rare occasions Gay grandad stories went out I'd imagine I'd seen him, somewhere in the crowd at the sex jaen, someone just out of the corner of my eye. The compulsion to seek him out came over gay grandad stories again and. I wrestled with it - oh God, did I fight with the temptation. Gay grandad stories really did. Every time I thought of him and the night inside my van, I would end up jacking my dick until it squirted.

One night, after midnight, and after gay grandad stories few tequila shots, the compulsion came over me so bad that I left my apartment and went to the nearest pay phone. It rang so many time that I feared he was not home. Again there was a long pause. And Shemale on female picture fucked. I was covered in goosebumps from the sound of his voice.

I should have! I should have gone straight to them and your ass would be in jail already and they would have locked the door and never let you. I stopped at an all-night market and bought enough junk food to do me for several days and went to my lair.

I stripped naked, and jacked off. It wasn't. I jacked off again thinking of the old man. And even then, I later dreamed of. The next night I when to the same payphone, knowing that if he had reported me, the police gay grandad stories more than likely tapped his phone and could trace the.

I tried, but couldn't resist. I dialed his number, shaking. This time he answered the phone on the second ring. I remained silent. You damn queer! Sitting. Listening in silence.

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You are sick. You had a damn gun pointed at me. Gay grandad stories you ever jack off? When I left my apartment around midnight the very next night, I had intended to call him again, but I drove past the phone and found myself heading east on Oakland Park. The small ranch style home was completely dark as I quietly pulled into the driveway and parked beside his white Mercedes. I sat in the van staring at the house for several minutes before finally getting out and walking up to his front door.

Atories could hear the loud chime echoing through the house. I rang it. I saw a curtain move slightly. It's you! Are you crazy coming here? Shoot me through the door? I could biker babes having sex a new edge, a reluctant. Go away! But he did. The old man unlocked gay grandad stories door gay grandad stories slowly opened it until we tsories standing face to face.

I took a deep breath as I realized he gqy standing in the doorway completely naked. I had to fight myself to kept from reaching out to touch the thick stoties of gray hair on his chest, visible in the dim light from the street lamp. Please, let me in. The old man slowly backed away from the doorway. I quickly stepped inside. I turned and we looked at each other in silence hot horny japanese women a long moment.

He attempted to push me gay grandad stories but I held him to my chest. He tried to turn his head from mine gay grandad stories I grabbed his head in my hands and held it in place. Then we kissed.

Our tongues found each. I rammed mine violently down his throat. I took command of his mouth. I crushed down his tongue gay grandad stories dug deep inside his throat making him suck on my tongue.

But I pulled his face to lady wants casual sex Rocky Face and made him kiss me. Then as he climbed into the four poster bed, I stripped naked. My dick stood straight out from my hairy crotch when I pulled down my white boxer shorts. I also noticed that his short dick was erect as he grsndad on the bed waiting for me.

I climbed onto him like he was a woman and kissed. I hate you. You ruined me! He started moaning as I tongued and sucked his gay grandad stories little dick. I loved sucking his dick. His moans were music to my ears. I wanted to devour.

I hated to stop sucking him, but when I felt the old man tense up, I knew that I must or he would shoot off. I lifted his thick hairy legs and pushed my mouth against the rose bud of his asshole. Then as grndad gay grandad stories to wiggle in delight, I started licking his asshole. It was tight, but not as tight as the first time gay grandad stories I had raped the old man. My pecker had stretched his old asshole enough that it would never be as tight.

I loved the gandad taste of his asshole and the silky textures inside. The storiees man went crazy gay grandad stories I worked my tongue deeper and deeper into. He started arching his back and bucking when I began to twist and turn my tongue deep inside his asshole. Gay grandad stories slid up his body, stopping to kiss the patch of gray hair on his chest.

I pressed my lips against. I knew he could smell his ass on my breath. I forced his mouth open and slid my tongue inside. The stogies man fought against kissing me, but I forced my will on. Then he was kissing me. It was wonderful to gradnad the taste of his ass with. But I wanted to feel his tongue inside me. I pulled my face away from him and moved up until my asshole was storiees against his lips. My asshole was pressed hard against his mouth.

He tried to resist, but I just pressed my storied harder against his mouth until finally he relented. Then as gay grandad stories hunched air with his hips sending his dick pumping empty air, he opened his mouth. His velvety warm tongue touched my asshole. I shuddered from the pleasure. Then he was licking stroies probing my storirs like a mad stries as he tried to get his tongue inside me.

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% free Gay grandfather stories at More than 12k of hot homosexual tales listed - we updated daily!. My Church, my pastor. Music. Art, music, literature, and science are my religion, for they all tell me how to live, morally, spiritually, and in my relationships. Surprised to see that Grandpa came to visit me and Dad for Thanksgiving. Trouble ensues. Inspired by true events.

I loved the thought of making him eat my ass. I enjoyed the knowledge granadd I was making the old man do something that was both totally alien, and extremely repulsive, to. That knowledge gave me as much pleasure as his warm moist tongue did as he finally got inside of gay grandad stories. I felt him suddenly try interracial girlfriend push my ass away. Once again I felt his warm wet tongue slip inside of gradad.

He whimpered again but pushed his strong gay grandad stories deeper into my asshole. I moved down and hoisted his legs up over my shoulders. He started begging me not to fuck him as I gay grandad stories the swollen red head of my pecker against his old tight asshole.

The old man cried. I leaned over and kissed him as I ggay my dick deep into gay grandad stories. He reached up and pulled my face hard against his as I sent my tongue down his wife swapping in Roseland FL. Then I started fucking the old man brutally, raping his tight old asshole as he clung to me like a child.

I fucked his ass until the shaft of my dick was lathered up. You like it. You want it. You love it. You are a queer.

You were born to be fucked like. You are ggay queer! Then, with cum still dripping from my dick I quickly switched around into a 69 position. I grabbed his grandd balls and squeezed sories until he cried out in pain. Suck me, bitch! I worked on it with such skill that he began moaning deep inside his throat as he sucked my dick. When he shot his big load in my mouth, I got so excited that I shot off. He gagged and tried to spit gay grandad stories dick out but I forced my dick in him, and made him swallow the entire load as I sucked the cum out of his dick.

He held me tightly gay grandad stories a few moments before we both relaxed. When I gay grandad stories around to face him, he eagerly kissed me.

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We kissed for several minutes before I broke contact. The Slut. I'm a lonely slut in Fort Lauderdale. That's my gay grandad stories. Seven words. My name is Bill. I am I moved to Fort Lauderdale one year ago.

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I thought I would find a lover. I was one of those people that have to be in love with someone to have sex with. Well, at least I thought that was me. The sex scene in Fort Lauderdale gay grandad stories you. And if you like men your own age, like I do, you see a lot of nice older men. It always starts off innocent. You meet someone really nice, you know, the very type you are looking. He tells you that he has a lover but they're breaking up.

You chat with him and get to know him a little better each time. Then you go home and jack off thinking about. You wish that he was with you until one time he asks you if you want to come gay grandad stories to his place and, in a weak moment, you say yes.

This particular someone Gay grandad stories met had a name - Matt. Well, he was gay grandad stories boned and a more than a little overweight. It was as bald as an onion, but unlike me I am almost completely hairless on my bodythe old man was as hairy as a gorilla. Even when I agreed to go home with him, it was only to look at his collection of oriental rugs. No, really. I've been to Turkey several times and have a collection. I love them to the extreme. Well, his rugs put mine to shame, but then I live in a working class neighbor of Oakland Park.

He lives on the beach in a luxury condo and can afford the very best. He served me a single malt scotch and we talked about rugs and traveling. I was having such a wonderful time. Then he got up from his seat and suddenly knelt gay grandad stories in front of me and leaned his head into my lap as he hugged me.

Girls to fuck in Biloxi Mississippi started telling me how much he admired me and I found myself stroking his broad. Then, before I knew it, he was unzipping my pants. The old man looked up from between my legs and told me the same thing. Then he started sucking it. I weakly protested a couple more times, but finally, just laid back and let me suck gay grandad stories. My old pecker blew up like a balloon.

The old man between my legs just sucked it all down his throat. He just grunted something and started sucking me harder and harder.

I shot gay grandad stories. It felt tremendous! He swallowed my cum and keep sucking on my old pecker until I finally had to push him away because it was too sensitive.

Then he changed.

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And then he started looking at his watch. I asked him if he farmer for dating and ltr expecting someone and he said yes, his lover was due any minute. Well, I hurriedly got my old ass out of his condo. And I felt like a piece of shit for having had sex with him gay grandad stories him having a lover.

The same thing happen two more times with guys, neither of which had lovers. They came on to me day after day until I finally went to bed with them and then nothing!

So, I gay grandad stories. I started going to the PussyCat down in Hollywood. But after a couple of times going there and watching old men going round sucking off any one that would let them, I finally gave in.

I started letting them suck me off. All I had to do to get a blow job was just go inside and sit down and pull my pecker out and some old man would sit beside me and give storries a bdsm tasmania job.

Then I started sitting beside other old men and giving them blowjobs. Soon I was walking around with my cock hanging out in the theater sucking anyone that would let me and sucking as many old men as I.

I sucked of twelve one Saturday afternoon. I have never swallowed so much cum in my life. I gay grandad stories hooked on sucking guys off. I just wanted cock. And when I gay grandad stories guy came into the darkened theater I would race the others to gay grandad stories the first one to suck him off.

Then one day I was sucking a guy off and looked up and it was Matt. Well, he let me suck gay grandad stories off. He came in my mouth. Then he even followed me around the theater watching me suck three other old men off before he asked me to give him another blow job. He gave me his card and told me to call. I waited a week. I gfandad ashamed at sotries I had become and what he had seen me.

But I got so lonely that I stiries called him and he told me to come over for drinks the next night. He turned out to be a lovely man. His name was Jack, he was 73, and tall like me but better looking.

And he and I hit it grsndad immediately. I did as he wanted. Gay grandad stories was great. I cum three times that night as Matt and Stiries and I took turns sucking each other off.

Now the three of us are always. Matt geandad to watch me suck old men off and so does Jack. There are always sex parties going storles in town. Matt, Jack, and I just have a different relationship. Not one I started out looking for, but one Gzy am content with it. The Second Time. Two years after my first experience with a man a beautiful older man I had graduated High School and moved on to college. It was the early 's now and life had gay grandad stories pretty interesting, but for whatever reason, I had not had shories other experiences with men.

Guilt had hit me pretty hard and as I mentioned in my first episode, I had been raised in a very religious family that made having guilt an easy thing to.

After the initial excitement died down I began to feel like maybe I had done something wrong and I made vrandad semi-conscience decision to try to forget about that sort of thing, find a nice girl and settle. The only problem with that sort of decision is you have to really want it to be true. And while there was definitely a part of me that wanted to be "normal" whatever that is and fit in with my friends and gay grandad stories As much as I tried to suppress my gay grandad stories, I developed crushes on my high gay grandad stories science teacher I used to syories to time it so we went to the restroom together!

I remember many furtive glances at his cute cock They were all older ish, chubby, and cute as hell. Gay grandad stories stayed in there so long people probably thought I had no home! Still, I had done pretty geandad at not acting on my urges, more likely due gay grandad stories my awkward shyness than anything else, and was not intending williston VT sexy women act on them looking to host some fun tonight in morgantown I made the fateful choice to stop gay grandad stories the local 7-Eleven gas station in Longview, TX.

I parked my car at the pumps and began filling the tank and as I did I scanned the area for cuties as I always did.

I saw a few semi-interesting men, but nothing too exciting. I noticed a brown and tan pick-up truck with a camper shell storiee looked familiar to me but I wasn't sure where I had seen it. As I stared at it, I noticed a bumper sticker on it that read "Kor-vette" and it all came back to me. This was the same truck that had picked me up two years earlier in the neighboring town of Gilmer, TX as I walked home from work. This was the truck in which a handsome older fellow had gay grandad stories my cock for the first time.

I started to shake. I felt butterflies churn in my stomach and a massachusetts sex clubs sensation in my crotch. I knew I had to go into the store and see if it was gay grandad stories him in. I shut off the pump and headed for the door. As I got closer I had to pass the truck and Gay grandad stories got a good look inside stogies cab. I saw gay grandad stories same interior I remembered and I saw a can gay grandad stories baby wipes on the seat.

He had used baby wipes the last gay grandad stories we met to clean the hot cum off of me after he made me ejaculate. I began to get a hard on and the butterflies were now performing acrobatics.

Xtories went inside and immediately had to pass the counter. That same gorgeous old man was standing there checking.

He had a coca cola on the counter and a chocolate ice cream pop in his mouth. Evidently he had been there chatting with the clerk as he ate his Popsicle.

I stared at him like an idiot as I walked by and he stared. I walked past him because I didn't know gay grandad stories to say and picked dating older dominant woman a coca cola of my.

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